In the context of eternity, even before “the beginning”, was a beginning before.  My reference is the scriptures.

There has been opposition in heaven, and within the human being with self.  Of course I did not consider these ideas until having read “Sybil”.  I was fascinated with how the doc talked and negotiated with different parts of the person while encouraging those parts to work toward a congruent whole integration.

While working at the VA hospital, I asked a patient to leave his psychosis so we could have a brief congruent/logical conversation, that included filling out a form.  The suggestion happened and the person became aware that he had swallowed one of my goldfish.  He apologized stating that he thought he was eating the body of Christ.

At the University Hospital I asked an intoxicated patient to be sober with me so we could do a mental status examination.  The crisis care doctors insisted that I could not do a viable mental status exam with a drunken client.  Well, with the sober part of him, I certainly did.

And so I’ve had a number of other similar, affirming experiences of how the human is adaptable, defensive, associating and, dissociating.  This awareness and acknowledging ego states complexity keeps me from being bored with my clients.

The curse that accompanies this insight is not being able to convince the fragmented client who may need some logic.  But who am I to recommend my logic/perceptions onto others.

Having my VA patient leave his defensive psychosis was like stripping him into vulnerability.  It was I who wanted the paperwork while he was reportedly ok being in his other world.

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